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  • Where is the Farmers Market?
    The Farmers Market now takes place at the at 16900 Willow Glen Rd, Challenge-Brownsville, CA 95919. It is next to the red building currently Silk Screen Savages at the old Video Busters site.
  • Can I use EBT/SNAP Food Stamps?
    Yes! We encourage anyone who utilizes EBT to visit our market. Here is how to use your food stamps: 1. Come to the Brownsville Farmers Market booth and look for the EBT sign or ask our cashier. 2. We will charge whatever amount you'd like onto your EBT card. 3. We will give you that amount in tokens that can be spend at any approved booths. Each token is worth $1. No change can be given. 4. EBT coins can be used at a later date if you do not spend them all. They cannot be traded for cash. They are only good at the Brownsville Farmers Market. 5. EBT tokens can ONLY be used at approved booths. EBT tokens can ONLY be spent on food items. 6. Please check out our EBT page to learn about our Market Match program 7. If you have any questions, you'd be welcome to come speak to us during the market or email us at!
  • Can I pay with a credit card?
    Maybe of our booths accept credit card, including our Market Booth!
  • How do I become a vendor?
    We are always looking for more Food Vendors to join our market! Please email us at or feel free to speak with a staff member in person at the market.
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