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Farmers Market

Certified & Local

Bringing local fruit, veggies, crafts, and much more to the Brownsville, California area!

We are currently closed. Our 2024 season will take place Fridays from 4pm-dusk at 16900 Willow Glen Rd.

Please email us at if you are interested in purchasing a produce box!

Brownsville, CA   |

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The Brownsville Farmers' Market is proud to announce we now accept EBT/SNAP (aka Food Stamps). It's another way we make fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible to our local community.

Our Farmers Market is run by locals, for locals. Our Market Booth sources entirely local products, and our vendors sell only what they have grown or made themselves.


Heal Earth Project, the nonprofit "parent" of the Farmers' Market, prides itself on community building projects in our area. This includes park clean-ups, seed drives, educational fundraisers, and more!

"This is a very small farmers market, but it is wonderful in a bunch of different ways. First, and most important, are the people who are there selling. I met a 15 year old girl selling her homemade breads. They were all natural and super tasty! There is a woman selling the most wonderful soaps, and she threw in a little surprise for me! I had the sweetest freshest watermelon, picked up some fresh tomatoes and cut flowers too. This community stands together, welcomes all comers and you can tell they take pride in their wares. Plus the drive to Brownsville is scenic and relaxing. Be sure you get here before it closes for the fall."


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